Secure global Wi-Fi can augment IoT connectivity.

Use the power of secure, global Wi-Fi for your Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), or Smart City deployments.

The Advantages of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi can improve your mobile/cellular connectivity and provide better overall connection experiences when used correctly.

Cellular networks can be great, but they sometimes don’t work well in places like airplanes and indoors. Also, cellular data can be both limited and expensive.

Voxsim’s Wi-Fi SmartConnect solution provides... 

voxsim Gain Visibility

Better Visibility

Find out how close devices like cars with Wi-Fi, smart appliances, and other equipment that uses Wi-Fi are to important locations by looking at the SSIDs they come across.

voxsim Efficient Data Transfers

More Efficient Data Transfers

When cellular data is either unavailable or isn't the best option, you can carry data via Wi-Fi. Open Access networks can even enable free, high-quality data transfers.

voxsim Control Costs

Reduced Costs

Open Access networks are a cheaper alternative to cellular and premium Wi-Fi because they are amenity Wi-Fi hotspots installed worldwide.

voxsim Wi-Fi SmartConnect SDK

The Voxsim Wi-Fi SmartConnect SDK 

The Voxsim Smart Network includes 45+ million hotspots in 200+ countries and territories, and Voxsim’s Wi-Fi SmartConnect SDK facilitates connectivity to it. The network is intelligent, so it can be relied on for optimized performance, cost, and reach.

The Wi-Fi SmartConnect SDK can be used on any device and operating system, including Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Linux, and more. This makes it possible to create a fleet of connected cars, a line of smart home appliances, or unique Smart City services.

Secure Connections with the Last Mile VPN

One device connecting to one rogue hotspot is all it takes to put an entire IoT deployment at risk. Most cyberattacks are relatively benign, but more serious attacks can have extraordinary operational and reputational costs. The Wi-Fi SmartConnect app uses the Voxsim Last Mile VPN to secure all connections and ward off some of the most common cybersecurity threats, such as man-in-the-middle attacks.

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