How do i activate and renew my bundle?

Setting up and using your bundle:

1: Put your SIM in your phone, connect to our network, and your bundle will be ready to use.

2: send SMS to 2345 for package €20 BIGVALUE10 ,

send SMS to 2345 for package €40 BIGVALUE20, 

send SMS to 2345 for package €50 BIGVALUE30


Scroll, stream and socialise as it suits. If you use up your allowance before 30 days is up, you’ll pay out-of-plan rates. But you can always renew early or add an Extra.

Day 30: Renew
We’ll text you a reminder a few days before your renewal is due. If you’ve got enough credit, you don’t need to do anything – your bundle will renew automatically and you’ll get Total Rollover on all the allowances you don’t use.

If you don’t have enough credit, you have a 7 day grace period to top up so that your bundle will renew. You’ll pay our standard base plan rates during this period.

What is Total Rollover?

Simplifisim Total Rollover lets you keep any unused data, minutes and or texts from your previous Pay as you go bundle, and use them in the next 30-day period.

You’ll need to use any allowances that roll over within the next 30 days. Your allowance won’t roll over more than once, so you can’t save it for longer than 30 days.

You won’t be eligible to roll over your allowance if:

  • You renew you Pay as you go bundle early
  • You change switch to another Pay as you go bundle
  • Your bundle doesn’t automatically renew by the end of day 30 (due to not having enough credit in your account)

How long will it take for my new SIM to be delivered

Your new Pay as you go SIM will take between 2-4 working days to be delivered.

All deliveries are free of charge.